Turkish Ambassador’s speech on 29th October 2018 on the occasion of the 95th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey

Melih Ulueren 29.10.2018

With great honour and pleasure, I welcome you to the 95th Anniversary of the National Day of the Republic of Turkey.

95 years ago today, after the Ottoman Empire’s end, Turkish Nation found the modern Republic of Turkey.

Since the Ottoman times, it has always been in our culture, to have close relations with Africa, as a continent; and Africans, in the texture of our daily life.

Turkey established diplomatic relations with Nigeria in 1960 and developed good relations ever since. We see Nigeria - the powerhouse of Her Region and of Her Continent - as a strategic partner in Africa and we aim to develop and diversify our relations.

We have a “win-win” approach to the Turkish-Nigerian relations. The “win-win” approach to Africa is essential, only through such an approach that, the economic potential of Africa will benefit Africans first and the World later…

Turkey’s opening policy to Africa and her strategic partnership with African Union, which was declared a decade ago, was buttressed by her deep relations with several countries of the continent such as Nigeria. Next year, the Third Turkey-Africa Summit will be held in Turkey.

Mutual visits at the level of Heads State from Turkey and Nigeria in 2016 and 2017, underlined our common will to deepen and further develop our bilateral relations.

Turkey fully supports Nigeria in her struggle against Boko Haram. We commend the operations of Nigerian Army against Boko Haram. We see lack of resources and children deprived of good education in the region to provide a fertile ground for the terrorist organization to recruit. The drying of the Lake Chad together with the negative effects of the climate change which is a ‘threat multiplier’ are of course, among the negative factors. The Great Green Wall initiative for the Sahel Countries therefore is appropriate.

Turkey also fights multiple terrorist organizations at the same time, namely FETÖ, DEASH, AL Qaeda and PKK/YPG/PYD. These are transboundary organizations, therefore we call our partners to join forces. If we do not strengthen international cooperation against these threats, they will eventually damage where they laid nest.

Over the past five years, we have largely eliminated the terrorist organization FETÖ, which attempted to use the economic and bureaucratic power that it accumulated over time to gain control over Turkish state and society. One by one, countries that have heeded to Turkey’s warnings and learnt from her lessons are expelling this organization, which carries similar activities around the world under the disguise of education and health care. We urge all of Turkey’s friends to remain vigilant and take necessary action against the terrorist organization FETÖ.

Turkey and Nigeria both believe UN system should be reformed into a more democratic and inclusive organization. Our countries both have firm stances against the cruelty and humanitarian crises in Syria, Myanmar and Gaza.

We find United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) to be a factor of stability in the region. Any additional restriction on the Agency budget will hamper the education of Palestinian children in addition to many other destabilizing effects.

Turkey ranks first, in the world for humanitarian aid. Turkey spent more than 8 billion Dollars for humanitarian assistance in 2017. We currently host four million migrants, 3,5 million of which are Syrian citizens.

The Memorandum that we have recently reached with Russia on situation in Idlib, Syria, prevented through diplomacy, the influx of more migrants into Turkey and more human suffering.

We are aiming to increase the bilateral trade volume between our countries, with a total population of more than 270 million combined, to the benefit of both peoples.

58 Turkish companies have made direct investments in Nigeria. The most important pillars of our commercial ties are Petroleum and LNG trade and civil aviation. Turkey would like to diversify bilateral business ties in different fields such as power production, construction and defense industries.

More than two thousand Nigerian students are studying in higher education in Turkey.

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