Statement in Lagos for ECOWAS-TURKEY Fair

Mustafa Pulat 26.03.2013
Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Sever, Dr. Herbert Ademola Ajayi, President of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture, Dear Guests, Members of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am honored and pleased to address this august gathering. Today, we have the pleasure to inaugurate the first Turkey-ECOWAS trade fair. I am sure that the participants of the fair would benefit from the business opportunities that may arise from the contacts and the networking that they would be conducting during the fair.

The fair would also provide us good opportunities to establish long lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships, through which we would get to know each other and our countries better, with not only exchange of business cards, but also with new ideas and new perspectives.

Turkey and Nigeria, being two vibrant and ascending economies of the world, have a great potential to realize. We are striving to add on to our already excellent relations every day. We are building brick by brick a new partnership with Africa in general and with Nigeria in particular, whereby we put special emphasis on cooperation in energy, construction, IT products, health, education, air transport services, retail and other areas of mutual interest.

We are trying to complete the legal framework of our bilateral relations in all areas of our good cooperation; spanning from taxation to investment promotion, from culture to education. We are inviting companies from Turkey to invest in Nigeria, and provide their high quality products and services at reasonable and affordable prices to their Nigerian partners. We also calling on our Nigerian partners to benefit from immense investment opportunities in Turkey.

Our relations have a strong human element. The existence of relatively small, but highly active and efficient Diasporas of Turks living in Nigeria and Nigerians living in Turkey contribute to the development of our bilateral ties.

Thousands of Nigerians are studying in Turkey and in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We are happy to assist your proud nation, seeking a better place in the world, by working closely with you in several areas. We shall continue to do so in the future, so as to be a reliable, efficient and a long term partner.

We look at ECOWAS with a different perspective today. Being an associate member of the EU, and having a Customs Union with the EU, we understand very well the value and the strengths of regional economic cooperation and integration.

In our view, ECOWAS will be a stronger and a more sought after partner for the international community in the future. As its members are economically growing, and acting in a cohesive way to seek and bring about solutions to their regional problems, not only in economic sphere, but also in political, democratic, social, technical and other areas. We see this as a strong and healthy sign of growing self confidence, self sufficiency and responsibility.

Turkey will increasingly look for better and stronger cooperation with ECOWAS members, and with its esteemed Secretariat under the able leadership of His Excellency the President Mr. Ouedraogo. Before this august body, I would like to announce that we have invited Mr. Ouedraogo, to visit Turkey, to discuss enhanced cooperation between Turkey and ECOWAS.

ECOWAS is representing a huge area with a great potential, and it will have a great future. We see Turkey-ECOWAS relationship as a beacon of this development that we shall try to deepen and strengthen in the best way we can.

This timely organized fair symbolizes the start of a new phase; which we can label as Turkey-Africa; Turkey-ECOWAS and Turkey-Nigeria new partnerships, which will be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

I am confident that the participants of the fair would benefit greatly from their contacts, and they would have the chance to carry out useful deliberations with their counterparts. I wish you all the very best. Thank you.

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